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Facts to Understand About a Compensation Plan

A compensation plan is a way used by the organization to reward people or employees for their excellent job that they have done. Several considerations need to be done when the company is looking for a way to compensate their employees. To understand more, we will be discussing the compensation plan for the NuWTR Company in the article. The company started it is operation recently, and they are involved in the sale of a product such as water and coffee that contains high levels of the fulvic mineral. Before we get into deeper deals of the compensation plan of the company, let us understand why the fulvic mineral is essential. The fulvic mineral found in the products proceeded by NuWTR company helps in the fighting diseases in our bodies. Our body parts are supplied with oxygen by the red blood cells, and when you take products that contain NuWtr mlm fulvic mineral, it will help in increasing oxygen in the red blood cells. The fulvic mineral does not have any sugar and provides the body with electrolytes, which help in reducing lactic acid build up in the body.

The company has a compensation scheme for those joining it to sell its products. There are several stages that you have to pass through, just like any organization whereby the worker joins as a junior worker and works his or her way up. The lowest point that you can join the company is the break-even earn profit stage, which is commonly known as the BEEP. In this stage, you need to enroll at least two customers to the company’s products for you to get the reward. In this stage, if you succeed to sign up over ten customers, you will be promoted to the fifth rank, and you will enjoy fifty percent of the enrolment fees of the first two customers.

After completion of the fast start in the first sixty days, you get to this stage. Here you are paid according to what those who you enrolled are making. If in the sixty days those you enrolled break even you will earn half of their enrolment. While the rest you get the commission as per what the organization has agreed on. Know the fulvic acid benefits here!

The trick that is used to earn the company getting more people to enroll in the company and make sure that those whom you have enrolled are also working on getting more customers. The more your enrolment is working, the more you earn and get to rise through the ranks. Should you wish to learn more about business, go to

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